CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) Report for Engineers Australia

August 17, 2016

CDR Competency Demonstration Report) Report for Engineers Australia:


Assessment of Non-Accredited Qualifications/ Engineering Manager

This section provides instructions for compiling a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The CDR assessment is based primarily upon the undergraduate qualification and demonstrated graduate competencies (refer to Appendix).


Applicants need to provide documentary evidence of BOTH:

• The core technical engineering knowledge supporting the nominated occupation AND;

• The demonstrated application of that knowledge in the nominated occupation.

The CDR must be all your own work.  All typed components of the CDR must be done using a word processor and you are strongly advised to keep a copy.

Your CDR will be assessed against the graduate competency standards and the ANZSCO definition of the occupational category nominated by you.


Selection of Engineering Category

Many engineers find it difficults to define in which engineering category they fall. So the criterion is as follows;

  • Engineering Manager

  • Professional Engineer

  • Engineering Technologist

  • Engineering Associate

Selection of ANZSCO Code

Selection of right ANZSCO Code is the key step in assessing your Engineering Qualification through Engineers Australia. All the engineering categories and disciplines are separately coded and the description of the required duties for each ANZSCO Code is also described in the document. 


Preparing Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Once you have decided your category, the next important thing to consider is the preparation of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).  Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) have following components;

  • Career Episodes (Three)

  • Summary Statement (One)

  • Continual Professional Development (CPD)

  • Professional Resume

Career Episodes (CEs) are based on your projects that you have completed during Engineering qualification or on the job. Each career episode is sub-divided into four sections;

Introduction: 50 words

  • Dates and duration of the project or appointment you are writing about

  • Name of employing organisation and location of worksite

  • Title of the position you occupied

Background: 200 – 500 words

  • Nature and objectives of the overall engineering project

  • Nature of your particular work area

  • An organisation chart highlighting your position

Personal Engineering Activity: 500 – 1000 words

  • Detailed description of the work you performed personally

  • Technical details of the work

  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills

  • The tasks delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them

  • Any particular engineering problems you encountered and how you solved them

  • Strategies you devised, including any original or creative design work

  • How you worked with other team members

Summary Statement (SS): 50 – 100 words

  • Your view of the overall project (brief summary)

  • How well the project succeeded in meeting its goals and requirements

  • How your personal role contributed to the project

Summary Statement (SS) is the most difficult component of CDR and only one Summary Statement is required for three career episodes. Summary statement have three main sections; Knowledge and Skill Base, Engineering Application Ability, and Professional & Personal Attributes. In each Summary Statement, demonstration of following parameters (Paragraph Codes from Career Episodes only) related to the knowledge, skill base, engineering application ability, professional and personal attributes are required;





3)  CDR Report (Competency Demonstration Report) for Engineers Australia


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