Engineers Australia skills assessment

August 17, 2016

Engineers Australia skills assessment:


Engineers Australia recognises three occupational categories within the engineering practice in Australia:


• Professional Engineer

• Engineering Technologist

• Engineering Associate


For migration purposes, the additional category of Engineering Manager is also recognised.


Professional Engineer

The required academic qualification is an Australian 4-year bachelor degree in engineering at a University following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

The Professional Engineer:

• Focuses on overall systems

• Pursues engineering opportunities in a holistic way, taking environmental, community & social issues into account

• Applies systematic approaches to the conduct and management of engineering projects

• Applies systematic engineering synthesis and design processes

• Applies established engineering methods to complex engineering problems

• Applies leadership & management skills


Engineering Technologist

The required academic qualification is an Australian 3 year bachelor of technology degree in engineering following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

The Engineering Technologist:

• Focuses on interactions within the system

• Applies established engineering methods, techniques, tools and resources within the technology domain

• Advances engineering technology

Engineering Associate

The required academic qualification is an Australian 2 year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.


The Engineering Associate:

• Focuses on specific elements of the system

• Operates within codes and applies established practices and procedures

• Provides technical support to construction managers and engineering professionals in research, design, manufacture, assembly, construction, operation and maintenance of machines and equipment, facilities, distribution systems and installations

• Assists in resource estimation and site inspection

• Prepares, interprets, inspects and revises drawings,


Engineering Manager

The required academic qualification is generally a bachelor degree or higher in engineering or in an engineering related field following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

The Engineering Manager:

• Formulates engineering strategies, policies and plans and their direction

• Administrates and reviews engineering operations for an organisation.

Applicants should note that this occupation is not an engineering occupation, but rather belongs to the Managers ANZSCO group. Consequently, a positive outcome will not allow automatic membership with Engineers Australia.





3)   Engineers Australia Skill Assessment


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